🔥Understanding the bachelorette mindset, and how women think during a male strip show! Today international male stripper Tommy ‘Gun’ Harvey will give you a glimpse into a female’s mind and thoughts!

Have you wanted to know how women think?(during a strip show) Do you want to understand the female mindset?

In today’s video tutorial I will show you how women think (during a strip show) and more importantly – how you can recognise and understand the different elements to a women’s thought process.

The psychology of a female is very interesting (i’m no expert) – however I AM very experienced with dealing female’s in a bachelorette party situation.

How women think when they are surrounded by other female friends in a bachelorette party, is fundamentally different to how women think when they are regular social situations.
To master the art of male stripping – you must first learn to master the female mindset.