30 min Strip Party

How to do a 30 min Strip Party (Stripogram)

  • ?Arrive to your destination dressed and with music/stereo on hand. ?I usually have my JBL Extreme strapped to my back.
  • Greet your client appropriately (as a cop, hotel security, fireman, etc) and do the usual introductions (3 minutes)
  • Turn on the music and start your strip routine! (about 6 min)
  • Dance around the room for tips?(3-5 min)
  • Suggest playing the game “Hide and Go Seek” (7-8 min)
  • Do a toast
  • Dance around the room for tips again (3-5 min)
  • Thank everyone for inviting you there, say you had a blast, offer to take pictures (either in g-string, bootie shorts, or pants) (about 3 min)