How To Make Money as a Model / Dancer / Actor / Host / Promoter in Las Vegas


How to make money as a model

  1. Get your zed card (aka comp card or composition card) made. ?This is usually an 8 x 10″ flyer that has your headshot on one side and 3-4 other shots on the back. ?On the back is a fitness shot, a business suit shot, an action or edgy shot, etc. ?Also your modeling stats and contact info should be on here. ?If you need help with this, just contact Steve at WE.
  2. Go to the agencies here in town and submit yourself. ?Tell them Steve Kim from Wild Entertainment?referred you. ?Here is the list of my contacts:
    1. All Night Long Entertainment -? – Talk to Jeremy Wolff
    2. TNG Models -? – Talk to?Noelle Haddad
    3. Rumple Skilton – – Talk to Mathias
    4. Destinations By Design -?
    5. Best Models -?
    6. Red Models -?
    7. Envy Models – ?
    8. Platinum Models -?
    9. Destination Management -?
    10. TLC Models -?
    11. Scarlette Entertainment -?

How to make money as a?promoter

  1. Get a Wild Boyz promoter business card. ?You are responsible for purchasing your cards. ?We have them pre-designed and ready to go and we buy them at wholesale rate so it’s under $100.
  2. Go to pool parties or nightclubs around Thursday or Friday and catch groups of girls coming into town at ?You can refer them to many places and make money. ?These options include:
    1. Strippers for Hire
    2. Butlers for Hire
    3. Strip Club/Male Revue Admission and Group Packages
    4. Nightclubs/Pool Parties Guestlists & Table Reservations
    5. Hotel Rooms at Wholesale Rates
    6. Party Bus Packages

How to make money as a?dancer

  1. You can audition for male strip clubs such as Sapphire, OGs and Hustlers.
    1. At Men of OGs, ask for Brian Minter
    2. At Men of Sapphire, ask for Larry Beard
    3. At Kings of Hustler, ask for Landon Steele
  2. You can audition for male revue shows such as Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under and Aussie Hunks
    1. At Thunder, you have to have Australian or New Zealand citizenship to qualify. ?You can email Adam the owner at
    2. At Chippendales, go here:?
    3. At Aussie Hunks, contact Jono at?

How to be prepared for last minute gig offers…

  • Have carry-on luggage in trunk with the necessary strip gear
  • Have phone notify you anytime an email comes to you from us



Payroll Dates


How to maximize money at parties

  • get Yelp reviews! maybe offer incentive




  • Striptainer jobs
  • Atmosphere Modeling
  • Buff Butler/Bartender/Waiter


(when applying for any of these agencies, be sure to tell them that Steve Kim of Wild Entertainment referred you)

(do NOT go to these agencies until you are prepared with your resume and portfolio/comp card)