How to be a Striptainer


  • Bring $20 in ones, tied with a paper clip.. give to girls for change.
  • Be sure to arrive to venue 15 minutes early at the minimum. ?It often takes that long to walk from your car to the hotel room. ?And often you’ll want to stop by the restroom to check yourself out and freshen up.
  • Have a (702) area code phone number. ?This way the customer can call you from the hotel phone. ?Most hotels have poor phone reception.
  • If the customer has an international phone number, it helps if you have international calling/texting enabled. ?Calling international is so much cheaper now days. ?It doesn’t cost much to call a client overseas, especially if it’s just for a few minutes to confirm party details.
  • You can also contact an international customer via Whatsapp phone app. ?It’s free and you can text them using wifi or the data plan on your phone.
  • Hide your money! ?Whatever money you make (especially base pay), be sure to put it somewhere hidden in case you leave your bag alone and someone goes through it. ?This RARELY happens but it has happened so always better to be safe than sorry! Here’s a site I found with secret safes?


Strip Party Cheat Sheet

Clothing (minimum): g-string or bootie shorts, pants, tshirt or tank top, dress shirt, belt, socks/shoes

Equipment: Stereo, party lights (optional)

Party Favors: Leis, suckers, garter belt, penis pop


What to do after party:

  • Ask for review.. how?