Grooming Tips


If you have a party on Friday, then you should tan on Wed or Thurs. Don’t tan on the day of as it will make your skin look inflamed and you’ll sweat a lot more at the party.

If you spray tan, do it two days before the party. Give yourself a couple days to wash off the excess spray tan. You don’t want to dance on the girl and get any spray tan on her and stain her clothes. Also you don’t want to smell like that chemical, so give it a few days to set in and clear up.


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I try to get a workout an hour before the party if I can arrange it. That way I’m still pretty pumped up by the time I arrive. Otherwise, I just go into the restroom at the hotel and do a few wall pushups in the handicap stall just to get a pump.

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  • Trufusion
  • Lifetime Athletic
  • Tony Cress Personal Training
  • Bodysport