How You Make Money

There are a variety of ways you can make money with?Wild Entertainment!


A “Striptainer” is a professional entertainer that strips. ?We are NOT a typical male stripper. ?We are above and beyond the typical stereotype.

We pay you per 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. ?You can set your rates to whatever you want. ?We will add our agency fee on top of it when we sell our services.

So if you want $100 for a 15 minute party, we will charge the client $140 and pay you your $100 fee. If you feel you are not booking enough parties or are not making enough, you can change your rates at any time.

There are exceptions:

  • If two dancers are booked, there is a 5% discount
  • If the customer is active military, there is a 5% discount
  • There is no combining discounts so 5% is the max
  • If a substitute dancer is requested, you can offer to fill-in?but you?will be paid the rate of the dancer you are filling in. ?(We don’t ask the customer to pay more when we are trying to replace their dancer last minute)

Rookie Ride Along

This where we add a second dancer to a party for an additional $100. ?You are paid $60 for the party. ?As the “Rookie Ride Along”, all you have to do is show up in whatever nice clothes you have (with bootie shorts or g-string underneath). ?You don’t have to host the party or where a specific costume or talk a lot?or anything like that. ?You just hang out at the party and after the main stripper has done his routine and gotten down to his bootie shorts/g-string, that’s when you come in to do a strip for the guest of honor. ?After that, you two basically give the girls lap dances and split the tips afterwards.?This is OPTIONAL

Full Monty Flash Ending

This where you flash the guest of honor towards the end of the party. ?Only she gets to see a glimpse of your “package” 😉 ?We charge $50 for this and you take home $30. ?This ensures a nice bonus for this extra feature and you don’t have to negotiate with the girls for flashing them.?This is OPTIONAL

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Buff Butler

A Buff Butler is a gentleman who comes to the party dressed like a Chippendale. ?Outfit includes black pants, black shoes, black belt, and bowtie or dress tie and cuffs. ?The bowtie and cuffs are mandatory clothing items and can be found on our clothing page.

You are paid the following hourly wage:

  • Buff Butler wearing pants: $50/hour
  • Buff Butler wearing bootie shorts: $60/hour
  • Buff Butler wearing “cheeky” apron: $70/hour

Being a Buff Butler is easy and fun. ?You can also earn decent tips as most of our clients who hire Buff Butlers comes from Europe and are of a decent income bracket. ?Learn more about being a Buff Butler here.

Food Delivery

This where you pickup a cake or pizza (for example) and bring it with you to the party. ?We charge $50 for this and you take home $30. We offer pickup from locations close to the strip so there is minimal drive time.?This is OPTIONAL

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More info to come soon regarding Male Companionship (Fantasy Date) and Atmosphere Modeling (Eye Candy).