The Stripper’s Guide to choosing the right Strip Club

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Here are the strip clubs in Las Vegas (as of May 11, 2018):

    • Spearmint Rhino
    • Sapphire
    • Hustlers
    • Crazy Horse III (aka CH3)
    • Treasures
    • Palominos
    • Deja Vu Erotic Lounge

  • Little Darlings
  • The Girl’s of Glitter Gulch (CLOSED)
  • Olympic Garden aka OG’s (CLOSED)
  • Cheetah’s
  • Rick’s Cabaret (CLOSED)
  • Club Lacy’s
  • Centerfolds
  • Girl Collection
  • Scores
  • The Legend’s Room
  • Men of Sapphire
  • King’s of Hustler