Equipment & Supplies

Party Favors (you are required to bring these to your parties)

  • One (1) Lei (for the “lei trick”)
  • One (1) Garter Belt (for the “garter belt ending”)
  • One (1) Fake Penis Squirter (for the “penis squirt trick”) (you keep this squirt gun, just use it during the party)

The reason we bring these party favors is because they are part of the package. ?Read Below

  • 15 min party – Perfect for a quick surprise for the bachelorette with a “magic mike” style striptease. ?Includes “lei trick” or “garter belt ending”.
  • 30 min party – Includes party/drinking games and both the “lei trick” and “garter belt ending”. Good for groups of 5 or more.
  • 1 hour party – Includes floor games, party/drinking games, the “lei trick”, “fake penis squirt” and “garter belt ending”. Good for groups of 10 or more.



– I prefer the JBL Extreme. ?I bought it from purchased the three?year warranty for $21, so total price was about $300.

I recommend going to Amazon?a month before the warranty is up and having them replace your stereo. ?They’ll replace it with the same one that’s brand new or upgrade you to the newest model.

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