I’ve wanted to make this video about ‘Male Stripping 101’ (my online course program) because I get many emails inquiring about the actual content of the course on a regular basis. So this video should help explain everything for you guys!
Learning how to strip is very hard, and requires some kind of mentorship.
More importantly, the beginning of your male stripping adventure can be tedious, difficult and financially stressful, as you’ll struggle to put all the pieces together & compete with the other experienced male strippers.

This is why a male stripper mentor is super important. Someone to ‘show you the ropes’ and guide you along the way.
Now – I can’t physically be in person to help everyone around the world, so that’s why i’ve created my online mentorship program ‘Male Stripping 101’.
It’s basically my way of being your online virtual mentor, form the very beginning to the end.