Talent Terms & Conditions

The following conditions are required for us to maintain a professional relationship with our client and contracted clients. We have experienced all these situations therefore will require talent to please read and sign below.

1. Punctuality is #1 with Wild Boyz Entertainment. If you are not familiar with where you are going, leave early. If you think you may encounter traffic, leave early. If you don?t know how parking will be, leave early. Arriving late for your call time is unacceptable. Arriving on time tells us the job we provided you with is important to you.

2. Performers are to arrive groomed and costume ready.

3. Your compensation is NOT to be discussed with the client, guests or other talents.

4. If we provide costuming, please respect our costuming as if it were your own.

5. Do not hand out your personal contact information. We will have business cards for you to hand out.

6. Talent agrees to work for the client (client is the contact of the party you are given) exclusively through Wild Entertainment for the next 24?months. If talent is discovered to be soliciting client outside of the agency during this period of time, he will be subject to termination.

7. Talent will not consume any of clients food or drink. Talent can bring and consume their own healty drinks or snacks.

8. Talent can hang out after gig is over ONLY if customer requests it AND if talent does NOT have another gig booked right after.

9. Do not invite friends or family to your job unless they are a contracted part of your act and we have previously authorized it.

10. When leaving hotel rooms, hotel suites or party buses, please pick up after yourself. This leaves a good impression of our company.

11. Any special circumstance to these conditions can and may arise. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask us.

12. Talent can NOT solicit sex from client or perform sex acts in exchange for money or items. Talent is to use best judgment and not commit any acts that are against the law.

13. Talent is required to ask the client for a review afterwards. Feedback cards will be given for him to hand out. If the talent receives a good review then there is a possibility of a bonus for him.

14. Talent is to arrive sober and NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

15. Talent is to respect the client?s room and possessions. Do not ask to use the facilities such as the shower. Using the toilet however is okay with permission.

16. Talent shall NOT ask for additional money after the party has been completed. Talent shall also NOT ask for gifts or favors. We have a strict NO HUSTLE policy. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

17. If talent were to cause a confrontation or get violent with the client and/or staff and/or dancer of Wild Entertainment, then talent is subject to termination and any other legal actions if necessary.

18. If talent were to ever steal monies or items?from the client then talent will be prosecuted by the full extent of the law.

18. Talent is to be respectful to the client and to the staff of Wild Entertainment. Obey the Golden Rule folks. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

19. Talent is to be paid via check or electronic pay (i.e. PayPal) on the Monday following a work week. Payments will be made for the week ending on the previous Sunday. This payment schedule is subject to change.

20. Talent is an independent contractor who is subject to termination by Wild Entertainment at any time and for any reason.

Printed Name_______________________________________

Signature _________________________________________ Date: ____________


(please print, fill out and sign this document and return to reservations@wildentertainment.agency. ?Or you can come to our office and fill it out.)