Here’s some examples of what to say when entering the room:


Hello ma’am, I’m with [hotel name] security and I was called her by your guests next door. ?They’re complaining about loud noise.

(enter room)

Ladies can I ask what this party is all about?

(girls tell you who it’s for)

So [guest of honor’s name] I see that this is your party so you’re responsible.

Ladies I’m afraid you’re all in big trouble. ?The other guests of the hotel have been complaining about the noise and also some marijuana smell. ?So I’m afraid you all have to leave the premises immediately.

(girls cry “oh no”)

Okay, I’ll tell you what. [guest of honor’s name] is pretty hot and I’m personally getting a little turned on. So?[guest of honor’s name], I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you all off the hook if you do me a favor and suck on something. ?It’s right here in my pants.

Girls, should I show her what I got? Do you want her to suck on it?

(girls say “yeah do it!”)

(stand in front of girl with back facing rest of crowd, do the lollipop trick)

(after joke is over, you can say you’re kidding and that you’d love to give the guest of honor a special dance)