• Go to Walmart or any place that sells tough construction type jeans. I recommend Dickies. Get a black pair of straight leg jeans. They should be loose fitting (not tight around the legs!). Get them 2 inches bigger than your normal size. Take them to Jaime to turn them into tearaways.
    TOTAL: cost of pants + $50 labor/material


  • Go to Express. They sell nice inexpensive dress shirts. They?re quality of fabric and cut make them the choice of Thunder from Down Under and American Storm. They fit nice, have some stretch, and can take the abuse of being torn off over and over again. Get one that fits your neck/shoulders nice. Jaime can take in the waist and turn the shirt into a tearaway.
    TOTAL: cost of dress shirt + $20 labor/material


  • Go to Jaime and get your g-string. She?s making custom one?s with a black hologram pattern and the fit is nice, secure and flattering. TOTAL: $30

COCK SOCK (optional)

  • Jaime has these. TOTAL: $10


  • Jaime has these. TOTAL: $40

KNEE PADS (optional)

  • Go to Big 5 or any sporting goods store and get some black knee pads. The small volleyball one?s by Under Armor are good.
    TOTAL: price available at store or online

BOWTIE COLLAR & PAIR OF CUFFS (required for Buff Butler)

  • TOTAL: $50

Our seamstress is?Jaime

Tell her you work for Wild Entertainment?and she’ll take care of you. ?Be sure to take care of her as well?;)