Pizza Delivery Guy

Pizza Company Shirt (Order a pizza. ?Then bribe the guy. ?He usually has a spare outfit and will gladly sell his cheap. ?Make sure the guy is close to your build first. Obviously!) Pizza Company Hat (see above) Pizza Company Jacket (see above)


Fireman jacket (you can find this on ebay) Fireman Helmet (you can find this on ebay)

Police Officer

Cop Shirt: (you can find this on Google) Sunglasses: Cop Belt: (you can find this on Amazon) Flashlight: (you...

The Basics for Male Striptaining

TEARAWAY PANTS Go to Walmart or any place that sells tough construction type jeans. I recommend Dickies. Get a black pair of straight leg jeans. They should be loose fitting (not tight around the legs!). Get them 2 inches bigger than your normal size. Take them to...